HIV/Aids Related resources

What is HIV

HIV is virus that targets the cells in one's body that allows it to fight infections. It is a autoimmune virus that if left untreated can leave the patient to not be able to fight of infections which can result in the more dangerous form of the virus called AIDS-acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. As of now, there is no cure for the disease but there are powerful medicines that will decrease the viral load of the virus making the body able to fight off infections better than without being treated thus leading a longer life

How does one get HIV

Fortunately, the HIV virus is not a airborne virus but rather it is a STD (Sexual Transmitted Disease) virus. It can be spread if one has unprotected sex, uses a non sterile needle used for drug injections or for tattoos, and or transmitted from mother to child in birth. One cannot get HIV from a kiss or touching.

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Basic ways to combat the spread of HIV

  • Reduce your exposure to drugs and alcohol
  • Practice safe sex techniques
  • If you believe you may have the virus, don't be afraid to go to one of the free HIV testing clinic near you. The sooner you have a diagnoses the sooner you can get treated
  • Be informed